Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Planning an Interview with HPU (Draft)

Prior to interview:  Before I meet with HPU's IT Department I think it is important to show that there is a need or desire for an extension of the current system.  I would like to conduct a short email survey of the student body to get a consensus about how people feel about the possibility of implementing this and whether they feel like it would improve the quality of their work/school life.

     Sample questions (Yes/No):

  • Are currently working while taking classes at HPU?
  • Do you find it difficult to manage your work and school schedules?
  • Does the way you manage currently your schedule make it hard to find time to relax, enjoy Hawaii, and participate in student organizations?
  • Do you feel the registration/semester schedule tool on HPU's Pipeline is effective when determining your schedule for each semester? 
     After getting a decent sample size of the student body I will then set up a meeting with the IT Department.

Setting:  To be determined

Interview with IT Department:  During the interview with the IT Department I would would ask questions but not assume that they want to work on my project.  They could possibly have a similar idea already in the works and just need some help to make it happen.

     Some questions I would ask after pitching my idea briefly:

  • Would it be possible for a student to make alterations or extend parts of HPU's Pipeline?
  • How many students do think work full or part time and attend school here?
  • Would you be willing to take a look at the survey I conducted? (Hopefully, I have some convincing numbers)
  • Could a student organization use this tool to help organize events and activities for its members to better foster participation?
  • Do you think adding a scheduling tool to Pipeline's registration section that handles both work and academic schedules would be beneficial to the students, Academic Advisors, and student organizations? (In support of HPU's mission?)
  • Do you know what channels I would need to go through in order to make this happen? (i.e. the Registrar)
  • Hopefully more questions...
Follow up: Send thank you emails/letters to those who allowed this interview to happen (not just those who were there).  Prepare myself to begin the next stages of the project by using the feedback from the IT Department interview. Schedule another meeting if they are interested.

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