Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MIlitary Inventory Issue Log (Project Idea #2)

Problem Description:

     In any United States Marine Corps helicopter squadron tools, special equipment , consumables, and hazardous materials are all stored and controlled by a central location in the squadron called the "tool room".  Everything within the tool room is issued by tool room personnel to a Marine in order for them to complete their task.  The item is then signed out in a logbook by both parties filling in particular information regarding the activities in which the item will be used in.  When returning an item the person who logged it out for use must be the person who logs it in.
     Currently, my wife's squadron, HMH-463, is using a three-ring binder with printed checkout sheets to facilitate their needs.  This has proven inadequate because pages get torn, dirty, and are often not completed correctly.  When pages are incorrect inspectors can declare that a squadron is unfit for flight because lost tools can mean that they could potentially be on the flight-line and could cause aircraft damage.  In order to make this seemingly simple task more efficient and to better facilitate the needs of the tool room I know a program could be created for checkin and checkout of inventory.

System Capabilities:

+ Program should store all information regarding to checkin and checkout of item
+ Time and date should be automatically added for checkin and checkout
+ Historical records can be retrieved
+ Records are deleted every 30 days
+ Items currently checked out can be retrieved

Business Benefits:

+ Having efficient and effective logbook
+ Accountability of all inventory
+ Historical records for inspections
+ Quickens checkin and checkout procedures


  1. You so put my idea to shame... Good post

  2. That wasn't my intention...I was trying to solve a real problem that people who work in the tool room face every day. It was especially challenging translating military speak to civilian language. Thanks for the praise Tom!

  3. Turning any military jargon in to civilian speak is tough. Sometimes, I can't come up with something everyone will most likely understand. Logistics issues are found every where, you find a way to fix logistics, you find a lot of money in your pockets :)

  4. You guys have related ideas so perhaps you could collaborate ...

  5. That would be awesome especially since we could possibly put it into action at my wife's work

  6. Revlyn also came up with an idea for a possible inventory app...that might be something to incorporate into this as well.