Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reaching Out to HPU (Draft)

Dear HPU IT Department,

     I am currently a Computer Science major at Hawaii Pacific University taking a Software Engineering course with Dr. Sam Joseph. After utilizing your registration system on HPU's Pipeline many times I have recognized that it could be improved to better facilitate the needs of students who are currently working and to those who would like to seek employment but are afraid that it may not fit into their busy academic schedules.  The current registration system allows students only to manage their respective academic schedules for a particular semester but it does not afford the option for them to add in a work schedule.  I would like to help HPU implement a system that would make managing both schedules a reality.  This addition to the current system would not only help students but it could help Academic Advisors  and HPU's many student organizations.  Academic Advisors would have a tool to help them get students to graduate on time. It could also save them from routing petitions for classes.  HPU's student organizations would benefit when organizing events which in turn could foster greater involvement in HPU's student community.  I believe this idea would help many HPU students but I am more than willing to help you with any ideas and projects that you may have had already in the works.

    Potential System Capabilities:
 + Management of both work and academic schedules.
 + Allows printable schedules.
 + Notifies the user of scheduling conflicts.
 + Allows student organizations to access member schedules to better set up events.
 + Make recommendations if a better schedule is available when registering for courses.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Eric Gagnon
Secretary of HPU's Computer Club
Computer Science Major

 Please see my HPU Working Student Schedule blogpost for more information.


  1. This is an awesome first letter... Maybe in future correspondence, adding people that are doing full-time downtown as well as supplemental MCP courses??? That would be awesome for old farts like me :)

  2. Great work. The first paragraph could be broken into two and you could add mention that you are not necessarily required to implement a solution for your class, and that it would be fine just to discuss requirements.