Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The HPU Working Student Scheduler (Project Idea #1)

Problem Description:

     The cost of higher education is not going down in the near future so most people are stuck working at the very least a part-time job.  Fitting work into your busy schedule is often difficult because every semester each student has to pick classes that have to fit in with their full or part-time job.  Students usually end up having to write it all out on paper and still seem to make mistakes.  Hawaii Pacific University currently has a tool on its Pipeline website that aids the student when registering for classes online but does not have anything that gives the user the option to add in a work schedule.   My proposal is to alter the existing registration application on HPU's website to allow students to add their respective work schedules.

System Capabilities

+ Stores date, time, and information regarding to both classes and workplace(s)
+ Can create a printer friendly version
+ Notifies user of schedule conflicts
+ Can make recommendations if there is a better schedule available

Business Benefits

+ Lessen the amount of schedule conflicts
+ Reduced stress for students
+ Increase the amount of time students can focus on their education


  1. It would be great if this were shared with communities to which the student belonged after they had scheduled everything (such as computer club!!!) so we would know when was best to hold meetings, etc.

  2. Excellent addition if I choose to commit myself to this project I'll be sure to consider something like that in the implementation. I'm just surprised HPU hasn't already achieved this.