Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stakeholders for HPU Working Student Scheduler

     At first I thought the HPU Working Student Scheduler would be limited only to those students who currently have jobs , but after thinking about who would be interested I came up with this:

  • Students
    • It could help students decide whether or not they can work more or at all.
    • It could also help students find time to relax.
    • Increases focus on education.
    • Makes signing up for classes a breeze.  Get rid of your pen and paper!
    • Reduced stress.
  • Academic Advisors
    • It could be used as a tool to help advisors help students graduate on time.
    • Reduces the number of times a advisor has submit a petition for classes because of a reduction in scheduling conflicts.
    • It would generally make their job much easier.
  • Student organizations and clubs
    • Makes planning events for large or small student clubs easier if each members' schedule is accessible.
    • Increase involvement in each respective club.
     I think that adding this to the preexisting HPU Pipeline registration section would help streamline implementation if changes can be easily made.  Also making this schedule system accessible with a mobile application would be awesome but I don't know how secure that would be.  


  1. Cool, Mike and Lawrence are also considering HPU computer club event schedulers

  2. It would be great to have a tool like this maybe the three of us could work together to create it.