Thursday, February 13, 2014

Animal Therapy App Sakeholders

     The list of stakeholders who would greatly benefit from the Animal Therapy App would be:

  • Pet Owners
    • Increases the effectiveness of rehab for their pet.
    • Makes fitting rehab into a busy schedule easier.
    • Saves them a  money.
  • Veterinarians
    • Helps them offer less fortunate customers a way of giving their pet's rehab.
    • Ensures pets receive prescribed medications on time.
    • Allows easy updates of surgery site.
  • Top Dog Health and Animal Rehabilitation 
    • Makes distributing canine orthopedic disease, surgery, and rehabilitation education easier. 
    • Allows them to make a little money so they can continue giving out free educational materials.

     I think if I were to develop this mobile app I would donate it to Top Dog Health and Animal Rehabilitation because they made it possible for me to give my dog quality rehabilitation from home that was easy to follow and manage.  I tried looking for local animal clinics or rehabilitation centers that offer free rehabilitation services but I couldn't find any.  I will consider contacting the Hawaii Humane Society and the OSPCA to see if they would be interested because I know Top Dog Health and Animal Rehabilitation makes money from selling joint medications.

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