Friday, March 28, 2014

Activity Diagram

Here are the steps provided by Vlad from HPU's IT Department
  1. Someone comes up with an idea
  2. We have a brief discussion about it
  3. Depending on the scope of the idea a small focus group may be created to discuss feasibility
  4. Once the Why and the How are defined in a comprehensive fashion the solution is presented to our ITS leadership team (which comprises of IT Managers and above)
  5. We have a test environment where proof of concept may be built before #4 to demo
  6. Change Management request has been submitted for approval by all IT managers
  7. #6 defines the Date and Time to stage the change in production

HPU Pipeline Student Semester Schedule Activity Diagram

Original Activity Diagram

Edit:  I have just finished my meeting with Vlad Abadzhiev from HPU"s IT department.  In order to implement an idea like mine it needs to be proposed to HPU's Banner Committee.  The committee meets every Thursday to talk and vote on potential changes to HPU's Banner.  Vlad said that he would bring up my idea in the next meeting.   It would be great to see this thing really happen.  He also mentioned that it may be a better idea if instead of the scheduling system living inside the HPU Banner that it could become part of Google's Calendar app.

Here is the link to my meeting with Mr. Abadzhiev.  Pardon my nervousness :-)


  1. Great work - seems like you might have updated the activity diagram to something other than the embedded image. Could you perhaps revert to the older diagram for consistency and place the new diagram in a new drawing? You can also blog separately about the change ...

  2. actually that current link seems to look like an activity diagram of how you are going about working with the IT department, not an activity diagram of how the stakeholders will interact with the system you are thinking of ...

  3. Thanks this info was really helpful! I used a website called Lucidchart to create my own activity diagram and it was really easy to understand. If you use diagrams often you should check it out!