Thursday, April 3, 2014

Use Case Diagram for Stakeholders

Here is my Use Case Diagram.  I originally had three separate diagrams but I consolidating it all into a single diagram.  Please note that this is functionality that I want all three of these stakeholders to have.   Students are the only ones able to add or edit their respective work schedules.  But all three stakeholders have the ability to view/print the student's work and school schedule.

Here's the diagram.

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  1. Great - I would have liked to have seen the original three use cases as well. If you create a diagram and have second thoughts, don't throw the first away - include both, or all of the multiple diagrams if that's what you have.

    With them all integrated this ends up looking more like an activity diagram than a use case diagram ... part of the point with use cases is to split out the stakeholders to consider them separately ....