Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HTML Mockup Client Meeting

I just met with Vlad from HPU's IT Department this morning and he looked over my HTML mockup.  Unfortunately, like most prototypes this was not quite what he had in mind.  Vlad mentioned that the great thing about having it reside inside of Google Apps is that much of the functionality that we want the system to have is already available to us through Google.  Google has a number of ways to share your calendar others and students, academic advisors, and student organizations already possess a Gmail account through the Pipeline.  Having much of the work done for us allows us to concentrate on creating "glue" or a link between HPU's Banner (Class Scheduling System) and Google Apps.  It also frees us up to work on an interface that users will enjoy.  He did however, say that starting with the very basics is the way to go when first trying to create something.

Here's a short recording of our meeting.

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